Energy Consulting

I hold a B.Sc. Hons. degree in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. Following graduation, my specialization in Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy led me to Calgary, AB to apply my skills to petroleum exploration. 

Never feeling especially comfortable with the environmental impact of petroleum production, I found myself drawn to regulatory compliance work and project management. This experience created a solid foundation for understanding energy markets and government policy.


epoch energy development

Epoch Energy is an environmentally responsible energy company established to unlock geothermal energy in Canada. Epoch commercializes geothermal resources in partnership with municipalities, First Nations, resource companies, industry, and food growers.

We supply thermal energy to district heating systems for homes and buildings, power generation, food production and other energy intensive industrial applications. We also repurpose petroleum well-bores to recover heat energy from abandoned resource production operations.

Our focus:

  • Long term, low emission resource growth
  • Evolution of energy policy in Canada
  • Energy diversification
  • Sustainable farming opportunities
  • Green, scalable, modular projects
  • Job creation


affirmative energy corp.

Developing physical energy resources is one thing, but seeing first hand the power and momentum of positive energy on a personal level, has led to fascinating consulting opportunities and collaboration. Reach out if you are interested in feasibility studies, project management, presentations, copywriting, social media strategy or event planning.


The outdoor sports industry carries a strong voice of advocacy and is a wonderful platform to stress the importance of protecting our natural spaces. And it's a lot of fun!