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It is fascinating to me how interconnected Earth Science and Skiing are. Obviously, my education in Earth & Atmospheric Science helps me to understand weather forecasting and avalanche risk assessment, but what is more surprising is how my experiences on snow lend to decision making skills that transfer into the rest of my life. Allow me to share the insights I've gained from my experiences!


Sustainability and Energy usage in canada

Understanding how we use energy paves the way for making more efficient choices. Get to know the factors that affect sustainability and learn what you can do to decrease your environmental footprint while making economically appropriate decisions. 

facing your fears and following your gut

We already know the answer to so many of the tough decisions we face in life. Understanding and contextualizing the types of risks that exist can help us to draw the line between what is "worth it" and what's not. Whether in the workplace, at home or in the backcountry listening to your intuition is an important tool in achieving the best possible outcome.


Connect with nature and connect with yourself

With so many things competing for our attention, it can be difficult to hear our own feelings and opinions amidst the barrage of information we are receiving! We all feel a draw to nature - why else are you spending your vacation time on the beach or at the cottage? What is it we are seeking? How can we incorporate peaceful moments into our day-to-day lives? Where can we find more time?