Photo: Royce Sihlis

Skiing provides the opportunity to connect with our natural world and to be humbled by the immensity and power of our Earth.


This is something skiers have been incoherently trying to describe for ages. The reality is that the "flow state" that we achieve in extreme sports is something that we can strive for in the rest of our lives as well. 

Flow state: the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus and engagement (i.e. to be "in the zone").

Forget that feeling of flying; of weightlessly gliding down the mountain with deep, champagne powder flowing over our heads...But let's appreciate the complexity of the conditions that must come together in order to experience that feeling. 

Whether on-mountain or in my day-to-day life, the ability to empty my mind of external influences and focus, with confidence, on the task at hand is a skill that has led to many personal successes.

Imagine living a life where you are able to achieve a high level of
gratification from all of your experiences.

We have become socially conditioned to believe that that may not be possible but my experiences on my skis have taught me that anything is possible in the right frame of mind...

I am a skier living in Revelstoke, BC with my husband JJ and our dogs Taka and Huck. I've spent the last 4 years as a sponsored athlete and competitive freerider on the Freeride World Tour Qualifying series (formerly the Freeskiing World Tour).

I grew up as a figure skater in Ontario and spent my weekends skiing with my parents and my older brother. 

An injury in January 2015 led to misdiagnosis and a year and a half of recovery! I've used that time to better understand my goals as a skier and to incorporate what I've learned in the mountains into my life outside of skiing.

My life as a skier allows me to spend time with people from all walks of life and I couldn't think of a better platform to share my love of life, this planet and a forward-thinking approach to sustainability.

Photo: Ian Houghton