Vinet Geological Consulting Ltd.

Wellsite supervision for companies such as Tourmaline Oil Corp., Peyto Exploration & Development, Velvet Energy Ltd. and Ouro Preto Resources Inc. at Spirit River, Sundance, Pembina, Brazeau River & Zama Lake.  

Delphi Energy Corp. 

Exploration Geologist

April 2011 – November 2012

  • Evaluated Montney resource plays by analyzing every well bore in British Columbia for net pay, permeability, pressure, completions methods, production profiles and uphole potential.
  • Performed sequence stratigraphic analysis to determine connectivity and productivity potential of Montney reservoir. 
  • Audited land sale data, pipeline capacities and evaluated potential for new field exploitation opportunities. 
  • Evaluated potential for resource development on existing Delphi lands (namely Nikanassin at Wapiti).
  • Connected map areas of two Delphi properties to ensure maximum reservoir exploitation over 100's of kilometres.
  • Involved in interdisciplinary approach to propose joint venture opportunities adjacent to Delphi producing fields.

Neo Exploration Ltd. 

Project Geologist

June 2010 – December 2010  

  • Hired to lead Neo’s drilling operations at their most active oil field while performing tasks of an area Geologist at various other fields.


  • Analyzed net pay and drainage patterns to determine optimal reservoir exploitation providing an extensive long-term field development program.
  • Supervised drilling and completion of 4 Cardium horizontal wells at Crossfield.
  • Submitted regulatory applications and selected contractors for drilling operations.
  • Consulted with partner companies to align budgets and deadlines.


  • Used existing well log database to technically evaluate potential for oil and gas exploration on lands owned by Neo.
  • Evaluated shallow gas fields in multiple horizons at Taber, AB and Mississippian Subcrop plays in various fields in Manitoba.
  • Involved in interdisciplinary approach to exploration and acquisitions.

Harvest Energy Trust

Lead Geologist & Project Manager

April 2008 – January 2010


  • Conducted field evaluation to determine optimal wellbore trajectory, orientation, length and configuration of horizontals into the Bluesky Formation at 325m depth.
  • Proposed, planned and oversaw drilling operations for 2010 28-well multileg horizontal Bluesky oil step-out program.
  • Drilled deep (5100m) vertical exploration well in conjunction with 2010 horizontal program.
  • Total production for 2010 program above forecast (1 well IP'ed >1000 bbls/D).
  • Proposed, planned and oversaw drilling operations for 2009 42-well multileg horizontal Bluesky oil step-out program (6 rigs running for 4 months with 16 wellsite geologists for a total of 64 horizontal legs and 7 verticals). 
  • Incorporated previous year’s over-expenditures to improve costs for 2010 drilling season.
  • Drilling budget for 2009 program was $110 MM (80% of the corporate budget). It was also the only drilling operation being run by Harvest when the budget was drastically cut in 2009. 
  • Total production for 2009 program is approximately 20% over forecast (1 well had IP > 500 bbls/D). 
  • Initiated wellbore optimizations (injector cleanouts, well and pump conversions), infill locations and pool extensions for reserve additions (increased reserves by >8MM bbls on Harvest land with 2009 drilling program).
  • Identified exploration targets by interpretation of proprietary 2D and 3D seismic data and drilling of stratigraphic test holes.
  • Exploration for water was fundamental to oil production as water injection and VRR remain a growing concern in a pool with over 600 horizontal wellbores in place.
  • Supervised a 3rd year geology student who completed Upper Grand Rapids structural and net pay maps in Marten Hills and horizontal trajectory plots at Hay River in the summer of 2008.

Area Geologist

Mar 2006 – Apr 2008


Allowed me exposure to many different properties from Central Alberta to Northeastern British Columbia. Responsibilities included maintaining and maximizing production in shallow gas pools through optimization and recompletions, in deep gas areas (PRA) through new drills and recompletions and in oil pools through horizontal drilling and pool extensions. Acquisition and divestiture evaluation, reserve additions, landsales, expiries, licensing new wells and complying with government regulations were an important part of the job with a focus on development and reservoir engineering.

  • Drilled 2 successful gas wells in 2008 at Marten Hills.
  • Evaluated potential on Harvest land for multi-horizon gas and oil plays (namely Kiskatinaw and Wabiskaw gas, Triassic oil and Montney tight gas) and evaluated acquisition candidates through the Peace River Arch.
  • Initiated divestiture of properties with high reserve value and high op cost to Harvest but with low working interest.
  • Increased reserve value by mapping and testing via recompletions.
  • Evaluated independent operations notices for new drills and completions (drilled multiple deep wells at an average of 25% working interest).
  • Supervised a 2nd year geology student who mapped various low working interest PRA properties to identify recompletion opportunities (summer of 2007).
  • Identified recompletions and worked closely with engineering team to ensure optimal flow of gas to compressor site at Marten Hills and Tweedie-Wappau.
  • Initially hired at Harvest to generate net sand/net pay maps at Tweedie-Wappau (Harvest’s largest contiguous land base) and to regain control of land tied up in a complex land contract with a partner company.

Operations Geologist

August 2006 – December 2007


  • Supervised drilling of 15 horizontal Cummings and Dina heavy oil wells at 50 m spacings for Sr. Geologist at Hayter in August 2006 (also required decisions on drilling of contingencies). 
  • Supervised 3 rigs (5 geologists) drilling 9 multileg, step-out horizontal Bluesky oil wells & 2 multileg infill wells at 50 m spacings at Hay River; December 2006-March 2007 (also required directional planning and collision reports for infills and localized structural mapping before each well as new data became available).

Duvernay Oil Corp.

Student Geologist

April 2005 – August 2005


  • Worked closely with Sr. Geologists for an introduction to oil and gas exploration.
  • Subsurface mapping of the Viking and Notikewin Fms in the Wild River area (completed a mapping project outlining potential gas pay on company lands and surrounding acreage).
  • Completed many operational tasks related to the drilling of company locations including well prognosis and preparation of divestiture packages.

University of Western Ontario

Research Assistant

August 2004 – August 2005


  • Supervised by Dr. A. Guy Plint (P. Geol.)
  • Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis
  • Field mapping and correlation of subsurface data to outcrop over an expansive area of West Central and Northern Alberta and North Eastern British Columbia.
  • Worked with professional geologists and graduate students to measure and log stratigraphic sections of Upper Cretaceous rock formations.
  • Contributed research for publication of “An allostratigraphic correlation of Lower Colorado Group (Albian) and equivalent strata in Alberta and British Columbia, and Cenomanian rocks of the Upper Colorado Group in Southern Alberta” Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology; December 2008; v. 56: no. 4; p. 259-299. Roca, Rylaarsdam, Zhang, Varban, Sisulak, Bastedo & Plint


An allostratigraphic correlation of Lower Colorado Group (Albian) and equivalent strata in Alberta and British Columbia, and Cenomanian rocks of the Upper Colorado Group in Southern Alberta

  • December 1, 2008
  • Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology v. 56: no. 4; p. 259-299
  • Roca, Rylaarsdam, Zhang, Varban, Sisulak, Bastedo & Plint

Sedimentology and allostratigraphy of the Upper Albian Paddy member of the Peace River Formation, North-Central Alberta

  • April 20, 2006
  • In fulfillment of B.Sc. Honours degree University of Western Ontario
  • Supervisor: Dr. A. Guy Plint


  • Evaluation of Oil & Gas Properties (5 day course); Sproule
  • Application of Reservoir Engineering (3 day course); Taurus Reservoir Solutions
  • Intermediate Well Log Interpretation (5 day course); Bill Smith
  • Triassic Sedimentary Framework & Sequence Strat (4 day field trip); J.P. Zonneveld
  • Water Analysis Interpretation (2 day short course); Opus Engineering
  • DST Chart Interpretation (1 day short course); Baker Hughes
  • Stratigraphic Setting of Lower & Middle Triassic Strata (1/2 day short course); Jim Dixon
  • Student Industry Field Trip (2 week course); CSPG
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • H2S Alive; Enform