Fairy Meadows Backcountry Trip

April 5-12th, 2014

I've gotta say that the best part of skiing for me is forming new relationships. We get together because we love spending time in the mountains and on snow. We go out there and we put our lives in each other's hands. We trust each other because we are all seeking a similar goal: having the freedom to move around. 

I used to think that there was nothing quite like standing on top of your objective. I realized that sharing a goal and then coming home to talk about it is an even better feeling! This trip started with 8 women with 2 common threads; a mutual friend and a love of skiing. I bet we all wondered what we were in for…I know I did!

Now I wonder why I always go through that initial worry about whether or not I'll connect with the people I meet on my skis. When we are out there together on the skin track we quickly see how each other tick. We're vulnerable. Sometimes our strengths show…other times our weaknesses. It's easy to respect someone for either of those things. We're strongest when we work together so we do just that. 

I quickly formed close bonds with each of these ladies. I feel so fortunate to have met all of them. This was one of those trips that changes the way you look at things. I'll do my best to carry their energy with me on my skis and throughout my life!