Fairy Meadows Backcountry Trip

I've gotta say that the best part of skiing for me is forming new relationships. We get together because we love spending time in the mountains and on snow. We go out there and we put our lives in each other's hands. We trust each other because we are all seeking a similar goal: having the freedom to move around. 

Heli Skiing with Selkirk Tangiers

My first heli ski trip!

Wow am I ever lucky that my mom's a people-person! She just happened to meet some wonderful people at a conference and I was lucky enough to get to ski with them for a couple of days! 

Ski honeymoon in Chile!

Last August was my second trip to Chile and frankly one that I just could not stay away from. I have a hard time differentiating between my first and second trips there and a hard time remembering when exactly I came to specific realizations along the way. I do know that collectively, these trips changed my life and gave me the confidence to pursue a life as a skier. 

Freeskier Week at Windells Camp

As usual, I met the BEST people. This was a crew of "adults" who wanted to go play at kids camp. The most beautiful thing was how everyone checked their ego at the door. I love how it's become normal for me to step outside my comfort zone and open my eyes to new experiences. Part of what I love about that is that I get to see other people having their eyes opened! It's so inspiring to be around aspiring skiers…some of whom are only just realizing that skiing for a living is possible and it's awesome!