I am a professional skier who is passionate about sustainable energy development in Canada.


There is no better way to see and understand the changes that are happening in our global climate than to spend time in our dwindling winter environments. I am fortunate to have built a career in Canada's energy industry and am proud to be part of a transition to alternative energy sources. I'm excited to share that experience with the passionate people I meet in the mountains!



I have travelled internationally chasing pow and skiing big lines. A deep connection with the natural world has lead me to prioritize a life well lived.

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Driven by a passion for the outdoors and 10 years of experience in energy production, I am an advocate of sustainable energy solutions.


From energy production to creating positive energy and momentum in your career. I can help you to overcome your fears, ignite your passion and create a life that's right for you!

Not just a trend in the winter sports scene...


CLIMATE CHANGE: The truth is, it doesn't really matter who caused it. Or even whether or not it's actually happening!

But when you are addicted to winter sports, it becomes very clear: these cold, natural spaces deserve to be protected. We are so fortunate to experience the freedom of exploring forests, wandering across glaciers and summiting peaks. 

Skiing has always landed me in places that I can't help but feel lucky to experience. It's impossible not to feel humble when you venture out into the wilderness and surrender control to nature.

It becomes very easy to adhere to an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude. I'm honoured to share my journeys with you and hopefully someday we can watch a sunset and agree that this is worth it.


I'm not the only winter sports athlete advocating for our planet! Check out Protect Our Winters and read up on how to speak up!


Filming is one of my favourite ways to share the places I visit on my skis...

Skiing all over the world has also taught me that some of the best terrain and snow in existence is quite literally falling in my own backyard! The mountains of British Columbia provide an incredible playground to explore. Playful old growth forests, pillow lines and deep storm days are my #1 objective around here. Check back often as I share those adventures right here!


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If you just want to see the skiing...this is the spot!


Filmed by:  Nanson Weber

Filmed by: Nanson Weber

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Check this portion of my site for thought-provoking videos, tips & tricks, project previews, topical discussions and knowing me, the odd opinionated rant. 

Filmed by:  Colleen Gentemann

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What's a blog?


I generally equate "blogs" with regularly updated content...so though I don't necessarily promise that, I do enjoy writing about my experiences and sharing my insights into the ski industry and life in general. Here are some of those endeavours. I'd love it if you'd comment and tell me your experiences with the things I write about...


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Photo: Ian Houghton

Photo: Fred Marmsater

Photo: Royce Sihlis